WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 – 7 July 2020 – World – ReliefWeb

WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 – 7 July 2020 – World – ReliefWeb


Felony morning, pretty afternoon and pretty evening.

It took 12 weeks for the field to reach 400 thousand instances of COVID-19.

Over the weekend, there procure been greater than 400 thousand instances across the globe.

There procure now been 11.4 million instances of COVID-19 and greater than 535,000 lives procure been lost.

The outbreak is accelerating and we’ve clearly now not reached the height of the pandemic.

Whereas the quantity of deaths appears to be to procure levelled off globally, in actual fact some worldwide locations procure made necessary growth in reducing the quantity of deaths, whereas in other worldwide locations deaths are restful on the upward thrust.

The build there has been growth in reducing deaths, worldwide locations procure executed focused actions toward the most susceptible groups, let’s narrate those folks residing in long-term care facilities.


Over the previous few months, there has been a mode of debate about the origins of COVID-19.

All preparations procure been finalised and WHO experts will seemingly be touring to China this weekend to prepare scientific plans with their Chinese counterparts for identifying the zoonotic offer of the illness.

The experts will fabricate the scope and terms of reference for a WHO-led worldwide mission.

The mission purpose is to advance the knowing of animal hosts for COVID-19 and verify how the illness jumped between animals and humans.


WHO will continue to keep up a correspondence the latest scientific advances to the media and total public as we’ve them.

In this vein, WHO continues to work with abilities corporations to make particular folks procure to find admission to to correct kind health data and property on COVID-19.

At the present time, I am cosy to inform that we’ve partnered with Fb and Praekelt.org to assemble WHO’s COVID-19 data in Free Fundamentals and Survey, in a cell-friendly structure.

Through this collaboration, we’re going to have the choice to reach about a of the most susceptible of us that could be in a characteristic to to find admission to lifesaving health data with none data prices in greater than 50 worldwide locations.

Now we procure launched this product in English.

French, Spanish and Arabic and other languages will apply within the upcoming weeks.

Furthermore, I desire to thank Google for its continued befriend and dedication to befriend the worldwide neighborhood procure and told and for its currently increased advert grant to WHO.

This befriend enables us to eradicate trending falsehoods early, acknowledge to them rapidly, and give folks greater to find admission to to lifesaving data when they need it most, wherever they’re on this planet.


This pandemic has proven the importance of being in a characteristic to seem for every other online whereas being physically apart.

And 20 years on from the Durban AIDS Convention, a game changing moment within the fight against HIV; leaders, policy makers, scientists, activists and civil society are assembling in relation to this week for AIDS 2020.

WHO is deeply serious about the influence of COVID-19 on the worldwide response to HIV.

A brand contemporary WHO scrutinize confirmed to find admission to to HIV medicines has been considerably curtailed because the pandemic.

73 worldwide locations procure reported that they are at threat of stock-outs of antiretroviral medicines (ARVs).

To mitigate the influence of the pandemic on treatment to find admission to, WHO recommends all worldwide locations prescribe ARVs for longer classes of time.

Up to 6 months whereas present chains for all medicines are fully functioning.

Equally, shortages of condoms and pre-exposure prophylaxis can display veil expensive and WHO requires worldwide locations to substantiate that uninterrupted prevention, making an attempt out and treatment companies for HIV.

The disruptions in to find admission to to life-saving commodities and companies arrive at a extreme moment as growth within the worldwide response to HIV stalls.

Over the closing two years, numbers of latest HIV infections stabilised at 1.7 million yearly and there used to be simplest a modest reduction in AIDS-related deaths.

Greater than 25 million folks now procure to find admission to to ARVs however worldwide targets for prevention, making an attempt out and treatment are off target.

Growth is stalling because HIV prevention and making an attempt out companies are now not reaching the groups that need them most.

And the dearth of optimum HIV medicines with correct kind pediatric formulations has been a longstanding barrier to bettering health outcomes for youths residing with HIV.

Going forward, to find admission to to companies for susceptible groups desires to be expanded by design of stronger neighborhood engagement, improved carrier delivery and tackling stigma and discrimination.

Twenty years ago, Nelson Mandela closed the AIDS convention by asserting:

“Right here’s, as I perceive it, a gathering of human beings serious about turning round one of many finest threats humankind has faced.”

Those words from Madiba echoed by design of a abilities of activists and policy makers alike and I narrate them this present day as a message to the field.

Greater than six months in, the case for national cohesion and worldwide team spirit is gross.

To beat the COVID-19 pandemic and guarantee that that valuable health companies for ailments treasure HIV continue; we can’t procure the funds for any divisions.

I will narrate it again. Nationwide cohesion and worldwide team spirit are extra valuable than ever to defeat a in model enemy, a virus that has taken the field hostage.

Right here’s our simplest avenue out of this pandemic. I repeat national cohesion and worldwide team spirit.

I thank you.

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