NASA’s Curiosity rover kicks off epic ‘summer road trip’ across Mars – CNET

NASA’s Curiosity rover kicks off epic ‘summer road trip’ across Mars – CNET


This mosaic of 118 pictures reveals the attach Curiosity is heading correct by Mars toward the sulfate-bearing unit. 
NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover frequently is the envy of avenue trippers correct by the distance. It mustn’t ever must listen to “Are we there yet?” There could perchance no longer be any gasoline space bathroom pit stops. It will gorgeous wind its system correct by the Gale Crater on Mars, heading for novel adventures on the much-anticipated “sulfate-bearing unit.”The distance agency on Monday equipped Curiosity’s “summer avenue outing” at Mount Gripping. “By outing’s cease, the rover will likely be ready to ascend to the subsequent portion of the 3-mile-immense Martian (5-kilometer-immense) mountain it be been exploring since 2014, purchasing for prerequisites that could well even have supported worn microbial lifestyles,” NASA said.The sulfate-bearing unit is the subsequent foremost space of hobby now that Curiosity has done exploring the clay-bearing unit. 

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These areas highlight the history of water in Gale Crater. “Sulfates, adore gypsum and Epsom salts, normally kind around water because it evaporates, and they’re yet yet one more clue to how the climate and possibilities for lifestyles changed virtually 3 billion years ago,” said NASA.  

If all goes properly, the rover will reach the sulfate space later this twelve months, but most efficient after working its system around a huge sandy patch. NASA is correctly mindful of the dangers of Mars sand after its Spirit rover bought stuck in a sand lure in 2009.Curiosity must navigate tough terrain on what’s going to shake out to be about a mile-long avenue outing. The rover group plans the primary direction, but Curiosity’s computerized methods will behold out for and reply to doable terrain barriers because it travels.Curiosity is NASA’s most efficient working rover on Mars lawful now, but the agency hopes to land its unique Perseverance rover in February, assuming it launches on time in July or August. Then we will have much extra Mars avenue trips to behold forward to. 

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