NASA astronaut captures striking ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse shadow from ISS – CNET

NASA astronaut captures striking ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse shadow from ISS – CNET


The massive shadow is from the moon at some stage within the annular photo voltaic eclipse on Sunday.
NASA/Chris Cassidy
About a fortunate locations on the planet on Sunday witnessed an annular “ring of hearth” photo voltaic eclipse that hid many of the sun. The astronauts on the Global Home Space had been treated to a extremely various explore of the event. NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy shared a group of wild photographs on Sunday showing the moon’s shadow darkening Earth beneath. 

“Tidy cool explore of the Annular Solar Eclipse, which handed by our starboard facet as we flew over China this morning,” Cassidy wrote. He ragged the occasion to additionally opt the entire dads on the planet a ecstatic Father’s Day. 

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Eclipse viewers on Earth noticed either a partial or pudgy annular eclipse. Since the moon change into too far far from Earth to fully veil the sun, it created a “ring of hearth” discontinue. From the ISS point of view, the eclipse appeared as a mountainous shadow solid by the moon. We luxuriate in now got but any other photo voltaic eclipse to explore forward to this yr on Dec. 14 for parts of South The United States. For more on catching photo voltaic and lunar eclipses, evaluate out our CNET recordsdata. 

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