WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 – 01 June 2020 – World – ReliefWeb

WHO Director-General’s opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 – 01 June 2020 – World – ReliefWeb


Gorgeous morning, honest afternoon and honest evening.

We have extra than six million cases of COVID-19 the area over and have lost extra than 370,000 folks to the virus.

As we work with governments the area over to suppress the virus and gallop science spherical diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines, we also continue to answer to other neatly being emergencies and fresh disease outbreaks.

The Executive of the Democratic Republic of the Congo launched nowadays that a fresh outbreak of Ebola virus disease has been detected come the metropolis of Mbandaka in Équateur province.

The announcement follows a advanced Ebola outbreak in jap DRC, which looks to be in its last phase. The fresh one is on the otherside of the DRC in the northwest.

WHO will continue supporting DRC in tackling Ebola, besides to responding to COVID-19 and the area’s largest measles outbreak.


Every week, WHO continues to provide the area with fresh and updated technical steering, in step with the handiest evidence.

All thru this pandemic, we have seen that mass gatherings have the doubtless to act as enormous spreading events.

To assist groups planning such gatherings, WHO launched updated steering to assist organisations decide how and when mass gatherings can safely resume.

To illustrate, WHO has labored carefully with several wearing organizations together with FIFA, UEFA, Formula 1 and non secular groups together with Group of Islamic Cooperation, which oversees the Hajj, as they conduct risk assessments spherical mass gatherings.

WHO has updated its risks evaluate instrument so that organisations can earn every risk part and adjust measure, which finally ends up in an total risk earn.

Within the kill WHO advises on the likelihood evaluate and then organizations form the likelihood on how handiest to proceed.

Whereas all of us need wearing events to restart, we’re on the lookout for to be particular that it is achieved as safely as imaginable.


We all know that the impacts of COVID-19 extend neatly beyond the dying and disease induced by the virus itself.

The pandemic has forced international locations to form complicated picks about suspending some neatly being services and products.

Constructing on outdated steering on declaring major neatly being services and products thru the COVID-19 pandemic, nowadays we’re offering operational steering on how handiest to place that into be aware.

Guaranteeing coordination and constructing of fresh ways to bring care while limiting visits to neatly being amenities is key to conserving folks safe and making jog neatly being systems are no longer overburdened.

This type the usage of digital applied sciences to bring some routine services and products remotely, and growing the volume of medicines delivered to the home.

One in every of the areas thru which neatly being services and products had been in particular affected is in love folks with noncommunicable diseases together with diabetes, cancer, heart problems or a chronic respiratory disease.

We already know that folks living with NCDs are extra liable to becoming severely ill or dying from COVID-19.

At the identical time, many individuals living with noncommunicable diseases are now no longer able to procure admission to the medicines that they need.

WHO performed a lickety-split evaluate of provider provide for NCDs at some level of the COVID-19 pandemic with 155 international locations submitting knowledge.

The outcomes launched nowadays display that extra than half of the international locations surveyed have partly or completely disrupted services and products for medication of hypertension; half for medication of diabetes and associated complications; and 42% for cancer medication, and 31% for cardiovascular emergencies.

Rehabilitation services and products had been disrupted in nearly two-thirds of international locations.

The COVID-19 response must attributable to this truth be inclusive of the neatly being-care desires of folks living with noncommunicable diseases.

One in every of the principle causes of NCDs is tobacco.

This 365 days’s WHO’s World No Tobacco Day all in favour of reaching childhood to coach them on tobacco industry ways liable to govern them into the usage of deadly products that homicide 8 million folks yearly.

Even at some level of this world pandemic, where every person is aware of tobacco locations users at an even bigger risk of severe disease and dying, the tobacco and nicotine industry persist with their unhealthy marketing ways in which design to map fresh users.


Just as we continue to answer to neatly-identified neatly being threats bask in tobacco, we’re also responding to considered some of the urgent challenges of our time: the specter of antimicrobial resistance.

I’m chuffed to stutter a account different of international locations are now monitoring and reporting on antibiotic resistance – marking a major step forward in the realm fight against drug resistance.

But the records they provide reveals that a being concerned different of bacterial infections are an increasing number of resistant to the medicines we have historically handled them with.

As we earn extra evidence, it’s determined that the area is shedding its skill to make exercise of seriously necessary antimicrobial medicines all the very top design thru the area.

On the search info from side, in some international locations there may well be an overuse of antibiotics and antimicrobial agents in every humans and animals.

Then all over again, in loads of low- and heart-earnings international locations these lifesaving medicines are out of reach for fogeys that need them, ensuing in pointless struggling and dying.

On the provision side, there may well be in fact very puny market incentive to growing fresh antibiotics and antimicrobial agents, which has led to loads of market failures of very promising instruments previously few years.

Besides to finding fresh models to incentivize sustainable innovation, as seen with the COVID-19 team spirit trial, we must earn ways to gallop viable candidates.

The COVID19 pandemic has led to an increased exercise of antibiotics, which finally will consequence in bigger bacterial resistance charges that will impression the burden of disease and deaths at some level of the pandemic and beyond.

Within the fresh Clinical Management of COVID-19, Intervening time Steering, WHO has outlined the ideal exercise of antibiotic remedy for scientific mavens to treat patients.

Therefore, every tackling antimicrobial resistance, while also saving lives.


I will attain by asserting that we have bought questions on Friday’s announcement by the President of the United States of The usa.

The area has lengthy benefited from the solid, collaborative engagement with the authorities and the oldsters of the United States.

The US authorities and folks’s contribution and generosity against world neatly being over many decades has been enormous, and it has made a enormous difference in public neatly being all the very top design thru the area.

It’s WHO’s wish for this collaboration to continue.

I thank you

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