A massive database of 8 billion Thai internet records leaks – TechCrunch

A massive database of 8 billion Thai internet records leaks – TechCrunch


Thailand’s supreme cell community AIS has pulled a database offline that became spilling billions of accurate-time net files on hundreds of thousands of Thai net users.

Security researcher Justin Paine said in a blog publish that he stumbled on the database, containing DNS queries and Netflow data, on the net with out a password. With access to this database, Paine said that anyone could maybe maybe “swiftly paint a represent” about what an net person (or their household) does in accurate-time.

Paine alerted AIS to the originate database on Could well well 13. But after no longer hearing abet for a week, Paine reported the obvious safety lapse to Thailand’s national computer emergency response team, most ceaselessly known as ThaiCERT, which contacted AIS relating to the originate database.

The database became inaccessible a snappy time later.

It’s no longer known who owns the database. Paine informed TechCrunch that the more or less files stumbled on within the database can easiest come from anyone who’s ready to video display net traffic as it flows across the community. But there could be no easy methodology to indicate apart between if the database belongs to the net provider — or one of its subsidiaries — or a huge enterprise buyer on AIS’ community. AIS spokespeople didn’t reply to our emails soliciting for comment.

DNS queries are a current aspect-enact of the exercise of the net. If you discuss over with a net page, the browser converts a net based tackle into an IP tackle, which tells the browser the establish the net net page lives on the net. Even though DNS queries don’t lift interior most messages, emails, or sensitive data take care of passwords, they might be able to name which net sites you access and which apps you exercise.

But that can even be a major subject for excessive-probability contributors, take care of journalists and activists, whose net files will be frail to name their sources.

Thailand’s net surveillance regulations grant authorities sweeping access to net person data. Thailand also has a number of of the strictest censorship regulations in Asia, forbidding to any extent further or less criticism in opposition to the Thai royal family, national safety, and obvious political issues. In 2017, the Thai militia junta, which took energy in a 2015 coup, narrowly backed down from banning Fb across the country after the social community huge refused to censor obvious users’ posts.

DNS question data also can honest even be frail to beget insights into an particular person’s net project.

The usage of the data, Paine confirmed how anyone with access to the database could maybe maybe learn a different of things from a single net-linked dwelling, corresponding to the more or less gadgets they owned, which antivirus they ran, and which browsers they frail, and which social media apps and net sites they frequented. In households or offices, many contributors section one net connection, making it a ways more advanced to hint net project abet to a explicit person.

Advertisers also ranking DNS data treasured for serving targeted ads.

Since a 2017 law allowed U.S. net suppliers to promote net files — take care of DNS queries and taking a uncover histories — of their users, browser makers appreciate pushed abet by rolling out privateness-making improvements to applied sciences that originate it tougher for net and community suppliers to snoop.

One such skills, DNS over HTTPS — or DoH — encrypts DNS requests, making it a ways more advanced for net or community suppliers to know which net sites a buyer is visiting or which apps they exercise.

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