Jonathan speaks about ‘one positive thing’ in Nigeria’s COVID-19 repsonse – TheCable

Jonathan speaks about ‘one positive thing’ in Nigeria’s COVID-19 repsonse – TheCable


Dilapidated President Goodluck Jonathan has spoken about something he finds definite in Nigeria’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Speaking for the length of a webinar organised by the Kofi Annan Foundation on Friday, Jonathan said the efforts of hiss governors is commendable.
The webinar monitored by TheCable was as soon as tagged: “Can even democracy turn out to be the still sufferer of COVID-19?”
The veteran president said some African countries own upright reviews to mumble about the pandemic with governments taking steps they have not got stricken about.
“In Nigeria, I own considered one factor about the management of the COVID-19 which will likely be definite,” he said.
“We’ve considered the role conducted by the hiss governments, and one of the major hiss governments are even making an try put up-COVID-19 generation the economic system of their people. 
“And I own considered what would per chance well presumably also very smartly be described as the devolution of powers with the governors.”
Jonathan also said the pandemic would per chance well presumably also trigger dictatorship all the contrivance through Africa if passable steps are no longer taken.
“This is the time that many continental our bodies must reach up with their very hang minimum requirements for any country going into election to operate,” he said, at the side of that “in every other case people that ordinarily would own loved to be dictators will now exploit the scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic and develop what is no longer per the felony pointers of the land.”
He added that with lockdown measures announced, credibility of various elections will likely be questionable.
“For democracy to be acceptable, elections ought to be credible; the plot ought to be clear and observers must eradicate part particularly for presidential elections,” he said.
“At mumble, no international observer can run to any country to undercover agent elections. Can own to you explore on the case in Burundi the build even the president announced that if you happen to head there to undercover agent the election, they’ll first quarantine you for 14 days. For the observers, this will likely be very sophisticated.
“It turns into determined that if elections will prance on, no doubt the credibility will likely be questionable. Countries would per chance well presumably also simply no longer own options than to head on with their elections nonetheless within the occasion that they must prance on, definite key issues ought to be done.
“Can own to you eradicate Nigeria as an illustration, our authority does no longer give any authority the vitality to boost the tenure of any elected legit. So, below this situation, if there would possibly be full lockdown, you is probably going to be lawful between the devil and the deep blue sea.
“So, it is miles rather a unhealthy period. But I contain it would per chance well presumably also simply no longer be extremely scandalous because most often of the lockdown, it is miles minute. No one desires to die within the plot of democracy nonetheless on the identical time, no person desires his or her rights to be jettisoned using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse.”

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